About C-Blunt

Founder of The Blunt Factoree, C blunt has dazzled the rap/hip hop community with his futuristic beats and stylish flow for years.

His solo career helped establish his fantastic reputation, with Chill Hop taking the community by storm. Unfortunately, his future endeavours never reached similar heights of that record, leading to C-Blunt’s formation of The Blunt Factoree.

Recently finishing up masterpiece “The Blunt Factoree Project”, available this August, he is poised to solidify his role in the rap community as one of many talented producers that cover a wide spectrum of musical influences in his beats. Teaming with west coast producer Killa Kal, “The Project” is set to turn heads, and open eyes and ears with features such as: Silly Rabbit, Rhythm, Eddie Cane, Jay Brown, ALT, Kreeps Loc, Kozme, Big Vago & Rob Loc of DEADIKATED, Mr. Shadow, Tha Ghost Dawg, Zeps, Chico & Cooley High, Betty Boo, Casino The G, Ace The Cali Kid, Ras Buck, Mastermind, Gett Ricch, Kokane, Knightowl, Stylie Ray, Willie Rage, and Billy Dee Dash plus many more talented artists.