Written Ignition

Written Ignition

Bohica Written Ignition

REV257 (2008)

 This second and final release from Bohica captured a band creating music with the grit and rawness that many of their peers had stopped capturing. While bands like Funeral For A Friend and Lostprophets were creating more radio friendly records, Bohica were busy making this stunning album. The lo-fi feel that surrounds this album really adds to it’s character, thus making it an essential modern day metal album.

For fans of: Funeral For A Friend, Lostprophets, Five Finger Death Punch

Track Listing:

  1. An Open Book
  2. Chokehold (Through My Eyes)
  3. 10 Years On
  4. Line To Line
  5. Southside Of Nowhere
  6. Method And Materials
  7. One Moments Truth
  8. Seven Seconds Syndrome
  9. The Train Doesn’t Stop Here
  10. A Porcelain Prescription
  11. Perfect Way To End

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