Mind At Large

Mind At Large

Blasted Mechanism mind at large

REV2010 (2009)

Mind At Large, Blasted Mechanism’s 6 studio album, marked the band’s 10 year anniversary of releasing music. And this album certainly celebrates it with style! The highly theatrical portuguese band are up to their old tricks again, with impulsive music that spans beyond the normal boundaries of genres. The seamless integration of alternative rock, electronic music, reggae, dub and folk, is exceptionally well-performed throughout this record, and epitomised in the instant classic “Grab A Song”. Surely not one to be missed.

Track Listing:

  1. Under The Sun
  2. Grab A Song
  3. Start To Move
  4. Magic Dance
  5. Hello, Here Is The Sistem
  6. Panacea
  7. VoƓ De Icaro
  8. Hard To Breathe
  9. Blast You Mind
  10. Door Of Happiness
  11. Source Of Light
  12. Mind At Large
  13. Liberdade E Destino

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