Love For Sale

Love For Sale

Belladonna Love For Sale

REV157 (1990)

Love For Sale by Belladonna encapsulates the sound of early ’90s house/dance music to a tee. It’s groovy, it’s catchy, and that’s exactly what Belladonna became known for. It’s undoubtedly a track you can dance to. This import Italodisco track quickly became a big hit in the clubs and superclubs of the early 1990s, with it’s pumping bass lines and repetitive lyrical content. Unfortunately, this is the only release from Belladonna to make it’s way to our shores. However, some of the other tracks that Belladonna released have gone on to become mainstays of DJ sets across Europe to this day.

For fans of: Baby D, 2 Unlimited, N-Trance

Track Listing:

  1. Love For Sale (Groove Version)
  2. Love For Sale (Out Of Mind Version)

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