REV86: Jayne County- Private Oyster

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The 3rd album from Jayne County is something to behold. A mix of tracks from her previous 2 efforts, plus some new tracks gave way to an explicit statement of intent. Not only was County being explicit about her transsexuality, but this was also out and out rock and roll. The semi-DIY sound, coupled with the surf rock rhythms made this record an instant hit with the horror punk crowd, sitting comfortably with Misfits fans through to fans of The Cramps. This is an essential garage rock record.

For fans of: Misfits, The Cramps, The Damned

Track Listing:

  1. Private Oyster
  2. Man Enough To Be A Woman
  3. Fun In America
  4. I Fell In Love With A Russian Soldier
  5. Bad In Bed
  6. Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?
  7. When Queens Collide
  8. Double Shot
  9. Xerox That Man
  10. The Lady Dye Twist
  11. Love Lives On Lies