REV78: Plasmatics- Cout D’Etat

Plasmatics Cout D'Etat  Revolver (classic logo) - TEXT ONLY (large)

By the time Plasmatics released Cout D’Etat in 1982, they had already crafted themselves quite a career. Perhaps known for their cover art as much as their music, Plasmatics created a dirty blues rock that had smut oozing through it. The sound on this album could be best described as classic rock, following a path forged by AC/DC and the like, but their openness to bring in other elements sets Plasmatics apart from their illustrious contemporaries. If you like classic blues rock, this is the record for you.

For fans of: AC/DC, Anvil, Airborne

Track Listing:

  1. Put Your Love In Me
  2. Stop
  3. Rock And Roll
  4. Lightning Breaks
  5. No Class
  6. Mistress Of Taboo
  7. Country Fairs
  8. Path Of Glory
  9. Just Like On TV
  10. The Damned