When one thinks of Thrash Metal, and the genre’s most influential bands, the name ‘Xentrix’ is unlikely to be the first name on most people’s lips. However, the Thrash Metal band from Preston, Lancashire were once considered one of the leading lights of the British Thrash Metal scene, and have performed with some of Metal’s biggest names including Slayer and Testament. Xentrix formed in 1985, however  it took many years for the band to catch the attention of labels and fans outside of the local Metal scene.

The band’s first big breakthrough came in 1989 when Kerrang! magazine gave a five K rating for one of their early demos. This caught the attention of a number of labels and later that year they signed to the world famous ‘Roadrunner Records’, who are responsible for some of the biggest Metal releases in the last 30 years. The band then released their debut album ‘Shattered Existence’ before touring extensively with fellow British Thrash band ‘Sabbat’.

In 1990 ‘Xentrix’ gained more publicity after legal disputes arose over the cover artwork for their cover of Ray Parker Jr.’s ‘Ghostbusters’ theme, with the production company stating that the artwork included unauthorised use of the iconic ghost flicking a V sign. The single would regularly feature on BBC Radio One’s ‘Friday Rock Show’, and this success would lead to the band supporting the Bay Area Thrash legends ‘Testament’. Later that year the band released their second full length album ‘For Whose Advantage’, which peaked at 21 in the UK album charts. This album generated more success for the band and the following year they carried their momentum forward by releasing the EP ‘Dilute to Taste’, before then going on a huge UK tour and opening for Sepultura at the Hammersmith Apollo.

In 1992 the band took a different direction musically with the album ‘Kin’, however it did not receive the same commercial success or positive reviews as their previous releases. In 1996 vocalist Chris Astley left the band and shortly after they signed to Heavy Metal Records, leaving Roadrunner Records after believing the label no longer believed in them. Later that year they released ‘Scourge’, the one and only release under Heavy Metal Records. The album achieved mixed reviews and unfortunately the band disbanded not long after it’s release. With Metal’s dominance in the music world wading thin and the emergence of Grunge and other sub genres of Metal such as Groove and Nu-Metal, Thrash Metal during the 90’s became less relevant and despite Xentrix changing up their sound, interest in their music dropped within the withering British Metal scene of the mid-nineties.

The band reformed briefly for a short run of UK shows in 2006, and reunited again in 2013, touring with bands such as ‘Kreator’, ‘Evile’ and ‘Overkill’.