The story of Witch is filled with huge names from the very beginning: they auditioned Rik Fox, known for being original bassist in W.A.S.P. and the bassist in Steeler (known for being Yngwie Malmsteen's first band), and turned him down because he wanted his guitarist friend in the band too. They would later have connections with such names as Mötley Crüe and Lita Ford, not to mention the artists they would play gigs with (a very young Slayer would open one of the early shows Witch played, with acts such as Poison following suit, and Witch supported such acts as Great White, Michael Schenker and Megadeth, just to name a few.)

The band went through some early line up changes before settling on the following line up to record their debut EP: Peter Wabbit on Vocals, Punky Peru on Drums, Ronny Too on Guitar and Jim Warmon on Bass. "The Hex Is On" was a self funded effort, and would eventually be self released too, owing to a contract with Capitol Records falling through. Their loss would be Heavy Metal America's gain, as the label gained the distribution rights to release the EP in the UK.

The band certainly made a huge name for themselves in Los Angeles: this much is obvious from the connections they made. Perhaps the main reason they didn't get too much attention outside this area is their lack of releases: they had just one more 7 inch single to their name before they disbanded in 1991. It is obvious that the band could have achieved much more worldwide recognition with more recorded material: even with the lack thereof, they have managed to keep up something of a cult following to this day.