Writing On The Wall

  Writing On The Wall

Wild Ones Writing On The WallA band with one and only album, Wild Ones produced a luscious mix of funk and metal that could easily compete with the best bands in that genre. There is a groove that sits below everything here that is irrepressible, hypnotic in it’s rhythm. This is a record that really demonstrated how good a funk metal record could be, and is certainly a rarity that is not to be missed.


For fans of: Faith No More, KoRn, Rage Against The Machine

Track Listing:

  1. Meaner
  2. That Was Then, This Is Now
  3. Girl Called Crazy
  4. My Time Has Come
  5. You Make It Right
  6. Affected
  7. Bring On The Day
  8. I Need You
  9. Hard Times
  10. Caught In The Middle

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