Heavy Metal Heroes Volume 1

VA Heavy Metal Heroes Vol 1


The first full album from Heavy Metal Records in the UK, this compilation gave the best of British metal in the early 80's, an album packed with attitude, noise and passion. With tracks from cult N.WO.B.H.M. bands such as Witchfinder General, Twisted Ace and Bitches Sin, this album has become a legendary piece of rare metal history. A classic and one that deserves the status it attained.

For fans of: Witchfinder General, Twisted Ace, Bitches Sin


  1. Twisted Ace: I Won't Surrender
  2. Grim Reaper: The Reaper
  3. Jaguar: Stormchild
  4. Soldier: Storm Of Steel
  5. Bitches Sin: Strangers On The Shore
  6. Metal Mirror: Hard Life
  7. Handsome Beasts: Local Heroes
  8. Buffalo: Cold As Night
  9. Expozer: Rock Japan
  10. Split Beaver: Running Wild
  11. Dragster: Do It!
  12. Witchfinder General: RabiesHeavy Metal Records