Vain Fade


Fade, the 5th album from Vain continues their trend of sleazy, dirty rock n’ roll in glorious fashion, a haze of guitar solos and distortion that makes way for a vocal line that could out-sing the greatest voices in the business. A record with quality, even if the class level is low, thanks more to the sleazy style than anything else, this album is Vain in full flow. Ignore this one at your peril, you’ll be missing out on a gem.

For fans of: Heaven’s Basement, The Pretty Reckless, Slash

Track Listing:

  1. Holdin’ On
  2. Shooting Star
  3. Quick Step To Love
  4. Powder Blue
  5. Dee Dee
  6. Languish
  7. Hollow & Spun
  8. Voyeurism
  9. Layin’ Low
  10. Can’t Get Back

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