In From Out Of Nowhere

  In From Out Of Nowhere

Davy Vain In From Out Of Nowhere


Davy Vain broke out alone for this, his one and only solo record. Not content with singing for rock band Vain, Davy released In From Out Of Nowhere in 2002 and brought in a mix of influences to ensure that his solo record was not a carbon copy of his band’s work. This album plays like a mix of post millennium records by The Cure and British indie rock of the early noughties. There is a sense that this album is a hidden gem, the music really taking on a life of it’s own. This is an album worthy of any collection.

For fans of: The Cure, The Departure, The Music

Track Listing:

  1. Push Me Over
  2. Fly Again
  3. Yellow
  4. Electric
  5. Come On Now
  6. New York
  7. Sugar Chack
  8. Trinity
  9. In From Out Of Nowhere
  10. Not Your Space Man
  11. Capsule