The Rejects

The Rejects Quiet Storm

Known now by many as the 'Cockney Rejects', this well renowned 'Oi!' British Punk band have heaped praise from many of the genres greatest names including 'Green Day' and 'Rancid', and have made a lasting legacy as a Punk band, however this wasn't always the case. The band first started when brothers and founding members Jeff and Mick Greggus heard the 'Sex Pistol's' 'God Save the Queen' and immediately they formed a punk band. Being fanatical West Ham fans, the formed during the golden period of British Punk with the band managing to provoke and bring violence wherever they went. The band were soon signed and released their brilliant first single 'Flares'n'Slippers' and a cover version of the song 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' made famous by West Ham, and even charted in the UK in the summer of 1980. However the band brought the 'skin heads' where ever they went with them and outbreaks of violence meant that the band couldn't tour as venues began to refuse to book them. With this is mind the band went away and decided to come back with the name 'The Rejects' and a new sound, the 1984 album 'Quiet Storm' which was released through Heavy Metal Records. 

Going for a more Metal sound, 'The Rejects' sounded closer to bands like Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy then bands like the Sex Pistols on this album, featuring mid 80's style Pop Metal ballads which sounded both strange and brilliant in equal measure. However the new sound didn't go down well with their old fan base and soon after it's release the band made the decision to go back to their original 'Oi!' style of Punk. The band then released the album 'Unheard Rejects 79/91' in 1985, and since then they have released 6 more studio albums. The band still tour and in 2012 the film 'East End Babylon', which documented the career and lives of the band and it's members.