Flashpoint (1984)


Tangerine Dream Flashpoint

HMI29 1984

Tangerine Dream had already enjoyed a lot of success before they were asked to soundtrack the film Flashpoint in 1984. Their brand of moody, tension building synth soundscapes were a perfect fit for a thriller, and this continued their trend of creating instrumental music that filled rooms. This was not their first soundtrack, and the 9 tracks credited to Tangerine Dream are triumphs in soundtrack creation. There is one additional track here, from The Gems to close out a fantastically crafted album.


For fans of: Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese, Kraftwerk

Track Listing:

  1. Going West
  2. Afternoon In The Desert
  3. Plane Ride
  4. Mystery Tracks
  5. Lost In The Dunes
  6. Highway Patrol
  7. Love Phantasy
  8. Mad Cap Story
  9. Dirty Crossroads
  10. Flashpoint (Performed By The Gems)Heavy Metal Records