Live In Canada

  Live In Canada

Starz Live In Canada


This live release from Starz shows just how energetic and raw the band were on the road. The moments of improvisation are wonderfully executed throughout, veering from the sublime to the absolutely off the scale. The energy captured on this record is infectious, encouraging more than just a gentle head nod. To hear a band doing what they do best, this is the record for you.

For fans of: David Bowie, Rolling Stones, The Doors

Track Listing:

  1. Rock Six Times
  2. Subway Terror
  3. Where Will It End?
  4. Nitecrawler
  5. Outfit
  6. Last Night I Wrote A Letter
  7. No Regrets
  8. It’s A Riot
  9. Waitin’ On You
  10. Coliseum Rock
  11. Take Me

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