When Hell Won’t Have You

  When Hell Won’t Have You

Split Beaver When Hell Won't Have You


Despite the fact that their career only spanned this album, Split Beaver sure had something about them. This album is full of sleazy blues rock that makes AC/DC look like they are devout Christians. The tracks here follow a decisively lewd path at times, crossing the line of innuendo over and over. The music behind it all is DIY in it’s aesthetic, but well crafted in it’s completion. This may have only been a brief flash in the pan, but what a flash in the pan it was.

For fans of: AC/DC, Anvil, Ratt

Track Listing:

  1. Savage
  2. Going Straight
  3. Gimme Head
  4. Cruisin’
  5. Levington Gardens
  6. Hounds Of Hell
  7. Likewise
  8. Living In And Out
  9. Get Out, Stay Out
  10. The Bailiff

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