When Soldier released their debut single, "Sheralee," in 1982 through Heavy Metal Records, the future looked bright for them. Here was a band who had mastered the NWOBHM sound, coming in at exactly the right time: the genre has probably never been quite so popular as it was then. Following a hell of a lot of touring, including a period where Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns fame (and who sang with Tormé) was fronting the band, Soldier eventually disbanded in 1984, and so disappeared into the ether.

The next anyone would hear from the band would be over 20 years later, when in 2002 they reformed with the lineup of Garry Phillips on vocals, Ian Dick on guitar, Steve Barlow on bass and Ian Astrop on drums, a lineup which was very close to that which the band had originally formed with. The band then got themselves into the studio and recorded their debut album, "Sins Of The Warrior," which was released through Heavy Metal Records in 2005, 27 years after the band had originally formed and 23 years after their first release through HMR. 

The band have been through various problems since, with vocalist Garry having to leave the band owing to health problems and with drummer Ian also having to be replaced: however, this hasn't stopped them, and they're still active today, living proof that it's never too late to get the band back together.