Sleight Of Hand Secede

HMR196 (1991)

The sole release from Sleight Of Hand, Secede is a post-grunge record with bite. There is nothing majorly revolutionary about this album, but that’s what makes it a great record. Sleight Of Hand aren’t pushing the boundaries and overstretching themselves, by playing to their strengths they have constructed some fantastic songs. This is a album that many of their peers would be proud of, and one that would fit into any collection.

For fans of: Rage Against The Machine, KoRn, P.O.D.

Track Listing:

  1. Smash Out The Light
  2. Reaching Out
  3. Turned In By Friends
  4. Frightened Again
  5. Step Into My Grave
  6. Don’t Think I Won’t
  7. What They Want To Be
  8. Drifting Away
  9. Waste My Time
  10. Scared As I Am
  11. Shelter
  12. Soak In The Rain

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