Satanic Rites

Taking their name from the 1971 film "The Satanic Rites of Dracula," Satanic Rites were yet another part of the huge early 1980s NWOBHM scene. Originating in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK, in 1980, the band attracted the attention of Heavy Metal Records early on, and so their 7" single was recorded and released through the label in 1981, making it to no. 7 on the Sounds magazine Heavy Metal Chart. Unfortunately, their involvement with us was very short indeed, and didn't go past this one single. However, a few changes in lineup later, the band went on to release two more albums later in the 1980s before finally disbanding for good.

The following people were members of Satanic Rites at some point during their career:

  • Karen Chapman (Vocals)
  • Daz Bingham (Vocals)
  • Deborah Webster (Vocals)
  • Kevin Doyle (Keyboard)
  • Graham Dyson (Keyboard)
  • Stuart Page (Guitar)
  • David Ingham (Bass)
  • Dave Kershaw (Drums)

unfortunately, it is difficult to be certain which members appeared on the Heavy Metal Records release owing to lack of available information on the band.