Heavy Metal Records as a long history with Canadian Rock music, and here alines another example. The Hard Rock band ‘Santers’ released 4 full length studio albums over a career that has spanned 35 years, releasing two under Heavy Metal Records. The three piece, featuring brothers Mark Santers on drums and Rick Santers on vocals and guitar with Rick Lazaroff on bass guitar first formed in Toronto in the year 1981. Brothers Rick and Mark Santers had long been involved music before in 1980 they decided to form a band. Recruiting Lazaroff on bass guitar, the three piece quickly became a hot commodity in their local scene, and soon the band began touring extensively throughout Ontario, Quebec and even East-Central US. After writing a number of demos and receiving constant local airplay, the band signed to the label ‘Ready Records’ in 1981. Later that year, they released their debut album entitled ‘Show Down In Flames’ which also featured a cover of the ‘AC/DC’ classic “Time After Time” as a tribute to the recently deceased Bon Scott. Backed by the success of the first single and the video for “You Turn Me On”, Santers quickly saw their stock rise and their debut climb the charts. The album found particular success in small pockets across Europe, in particular France, Spain and The Netherlands. The band then began touring the majority of Canada and the US for the next year.

Following a short break the band found themselves back at Toronto’s Phase One Studios working on the next album. Their second release, a 5 track-EP contained 3 live tracks and 2 new songs, was entitled “Mayday” and was released in 1982. The band would hit the road again, supporting some of Metal’s biggest names, including Ozzy Osbourne and Scorpions. Santers then released their second album entitled ‘Racing Time’ that same year, with the album being released through Heavy Metal Records in the UK. The band would then go on to complete a successful first UK tour.

Rik Emmett from fellow Canadian Rock band “Triumph” took over the reigns as producer for the next album. “Guitar Alley” was released in 1984 in the UK again through Heavy Metal Records. As one would expect, the helping-hand of one of Rock’s greatest guitarist’s weighed heavily on the sound of the record and helped create an album with some fantastic guitar work. Their cover of Free’s “All Right Now” became the first single and their biggest to date – cracking The Top 40 in Canada, the US and several European countries. Other songs like “Hotline”, “Hate To Love You” and the moody “Black Magic” all helped cement Santers as one of the biggest names in the Canadian Rock scene. Soon they would find themselves on the road again, supporting bands including Blue Oyster Cult, Ratt, Accept and Mama’s Boys.

After going on a short break, the band moved into the band Toronto’s Dandelion Studios in the summer of 1986 to begin work on a new album. Brian Allen, founder of Toronto, was brought in to assist Rick Santers in production. However, before the final sessions were completed, Rick was approached by Triumph to come on tour with them, and what was supposed to be a short North American tour ended up turning into a 4 year stint. The band did mange to release their fourth album “Top Secrecy” in 1986, however Rick Santer’s commitments to Triumph meant that band toured little from that point and this was to be the last original album released by the band.

In 2000 the band released the album “Cold Fusion”, a best of complication featuring the band’s greatest hits remastered as a new box set released through the band’s own label. These albums continue to be distributed worldwide with the demand for the music still strong, and the band are still active today regularly touring Canada, the US and even Europe.