Too Hot To Handle Reviews: Razor Baby

Reviews: Too Hot To Handle

Metal Hammer Magazine Date Unknown

Written By Valerie Potter

“A mysterious album this- loads of credits in the sleeve to the likes of Kevin Du Brow (ex-Quiet Riot) and Pat Torpey (Mr Big), but no indication of which tracks feature their contribution. According to the album’s producer (whom you intrepid reporter tracked down in Los Angeles), this fudging of issues is quite deliberate, although what purpose it serves apart from making life more complicated for a poor music journalist trying to earn an honest crust is not entirely clear to me.

The bottom line appears to be that this album is the brainchild of fraternal guitarists Robert and Ritchie Steffan, Robert’s main claim to fame being that he took over from Randy Rhodes in Quiet Riot when the band was still called DuBrown. The band’s pals gave them varying degrees of assistance, most notably Brent Young (Queensryche’s original vocalist) who sings on all tracks on the A side, except “Down Town,” and Barry Da Silva (singer in Robert Steffan’s band Satyr) who performs the same service on the B Side.

The net result is pretty standard U.S. rock radio fodder- songs shot through with scorching guitar riffs, inspired by naughty but nice girls in red leather dresses. The song “Too Hot To Handle,” reminds me irresistibly of old UFO material and not merely because of it’s title’ the distinctive vocal harmonies and unforgettable chorus definitely make this one of the outstanding tracks on the record.

As an album, it has some interesting moments, but not, I fell, interesting enough to warrant a four star rating.”


Kerrang! Magazine September 3 1988

Written By Dave Reynolds

“The trouble with reviewing from advance tapes is that you don’t often get the full scam on who is playing what on whatever song, especially, as is the case here, when you’re dealing with bands made up of studio or guest musicians.

Razor Baby are seemingly the (razored) baby of Ritchie and Bob Steffan, two Americans who think they’ve made the the ultimate mega-group album (probably). The duo have enlisted the help of a multitude of has beens and could’ve beens as guests which include the likes of Henry Small (ex-Prism and the Rock), Jonathan Valen (ex-Legs Diamond), Kevin DuBrow and Brent Young (allegedly Queensryche’s original vocalist).

To be honest, the first side is pretty dodgy. The opening cut, “Danger,” is like a very wimpy Dio, especially the vocals; “Rock This Place,” is like a third-rate Sammy Hagar song with a horn section (!); “Long Distance Lover,” sounds like a poor man’s Styx, and “Downtown,” appears to steal some well-used Montrose riffs, merging them with a fairly awful vocal delivery.

But then things take a turn for the better, and the rest of the LP is actually pretty neat. “Outta Hand Sister,” has those big, big drums and slightly better Dio-like sounds than “Danger”; “Move Me,” has it all- drums, sound and action. There’s sleazy lyrics here, me bubkos!! Possibly the album’s best track. But also in contention for that title are the title track (the Rods meet Loverboy), “Got Me Running” (Shout and Montrose comparisons abound), and the excellent closer “Low Down And Dirty,” that’s full of big drums, big guitars and laced with bits of Kiss, Bad Company and Sammy Hagar songs.

Yup, after a poor start Razor Baby really start to cut through the hard rock jungle, something that could put them in contention as a fairly serious proposition for quality sounds should the Steffans ever decide to make a follow up!”

KKK 1/2