Too Hot To Handle (1988)

Razor Baby Too Hot To Handle


About Too Hot To Handle

Despite the fact that this was Razor Baby’s only album, it certainly didn’t fall into the same category as most late 80’s rock and metal records. While there are elements of the glam metal genre present with the synths, the rest of the album sounds like the lovechild of AC/DC and Dio, it’s bluesy metal feel present throughout. It was a different sound for the era, and it’s an album that still stands up today. One album and out, Razor Baby were definitely Too Hot To Handle.

For fans of: AC/DC, Dio, Whitesnake

Track Listing:HMA Logo Colour copy

  1. Danger
  2. Rock This Place
  3. Long Distance
  4. Down Town
  5. Outta Hand Sister
  6. Move Me
  7. Too Hot To Handle
  8. Got Me Running
  9. Low Down And Dirty