Razor Baby

About Razor Baby

Razor Baby is Bob Steffan’s vision. Finally, after years of playing with, and compromising unto other people’s music, Bob Stefan taken the Bull by its hardrocking horns. And the result is his first album, Too Hot To Handle.

Bob Steffan was a founding member of the highly respected, pioneer L.A. rock group, Satyr – which included former Mott The Hoople singer Nigel Limey and future Quiet Riot and Guiffria bass player Chuck Wright – then he took over from legend Randy Rhoads, when Randy left Quiet Riot to join Ozzy.

All the songs and all the guitars in Razor Baby are the work of Steffan and his human stick-insect brother Richard. The stellar cast of musicians and singers on Too Hot To Handle includes Henry Small, the singer with The Who veteran John Entwistle’s The Rock, and the former Mr. Quiet Riot himself – Kevin DuBrow.

Rather like the San Fernando Valley, California, where Razor Baby comes from – their music is hot. And sleazy.


Bob Steffan (All Bass & Guitars, except guitar on “Long Distance Lover” by Ritchie Steffan)
Brent Young (Vocals)
Jonathon Vallon (Drums)
Pat Torpey (Drums)
Barry De Silva (Vocals)
Kevin Dubrow & Henry Small (Backing Vocals on ‘Danger’ & ‘Outta Hand Sister’)