Lonely Dakota are a three-piece rock band from southern England. Head banging, fist pumping and lyrics that will come back to haunt you three days later, on a mission to carve their name into the wall of every venue brave enough to try and contain their sound.

In January 2016 founding member PJ (Guitar) sought to realise his vision of a band that could combine the driving sound of modern rock with some of his biggest influences which include Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, Stone Sour and Alter Bridge. This vision began to take shape with the addition of Matt (drums) and Luke (Vocals and Guitar / Bass) who have helped to build and preach this vision to the masses.

With a work ethic so strong, it is only rivalled by the bands passion for chasing tone and creating exceptional music, all elements of recording combine the very best of each member of the band. Every broken drum stick, snapped string, blown speaker and sore throat are just casualties on the road to greatness. With combined band experience that includes Festivals (Takedown and Butserfest), Headline shows, UK tours and international songwriting accreditation as well as recently supporting Wilson and Reigning Days Lonely Dakota are, as their debut single suggests, ‘On The Rise.’

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