Last Flight

Last Flight Dance To The Music

'Last Flight' were another of the first bands to sign to Heavy Metal Records, and sadly their career was to be rather short lived after only releasing one single. The band formed at the beginning of the 1980's, and shortly after signing to this label, the band released the single 'Dance To The Music' in 1981, featuring the single of the same name and the B-side 'I'm Ready'. The band itself enjoyed little success however, mainly due to the band members commitments to other projects which eventually led them to call it quits in 1984 after only played a handful of live shows. The band's founding line-up featured Bob Hawthorne on vocals, Bob Murray on guitar, John Sinfield on bass and Graham Waxman on drums. For a time the band had John Barr on vocals, replacing Bob Hawthorne in 1983 who at different points had featured in the bands 'Chinatown' and 'Jodey'. 

Many of the band's members have enjoyed different levels of success over their careers. The first example would be that all of the band members (Hawthorne not Barr on vocals) featured and are credited as session musicians for Kyoji Yamamoto's, of fellow formed Heavy Metal Records band 'Bow Wow's' ('Vow Wow'), solo album. Vocalist Bob Hawthorne has also composed music for a number of films most notably “The Fourth Protocol” and has performed on a number of sessions with Scott Gortham of 'Thin Lizzy'. The singer is also famous for being the vocalist of the official Rod Stewart Tribute Act since the mid 1990s, who have gone on to complete many world tours since. The band have however appeared on a number of compilations albums during theri career including the album “The Friday Rock Show” (BBC Records, 1981) which featured the recording of their performance of ‘Dance To The Music’ during a live session at BBC radio that year. The band's two tracks were also re-released on the 'Heavy Metal Records Singles Collection Volume 1' complication album released through 'British Steel'.