In 1979 Jeff Cox and Gary Pepperd put out an ad in the local paper asking for a drummer and found Chris Lovell and Jaguar was formed. The next year they recorded their first three track demo in March and in April they found a vocalist, Rob Reiss, and in December they recorded 3 more tracks to finish their 6 track demo.

They released their demo through an ad in February 1981 Sounds Magazine and the band sold 540 demos this way. Before this their demo was sent to a Battle Of The Bands competition in 1980 and managed to get through to the final and place fourth. After achieving such a good reaction their song, “Stormchild”, was put on the Heavy Metal Heroes Compilation album released by Heavy Metal Records. Frits Gijsbertse, a Dutch fan, arranged multiple gigs for the band in the Netherlands. Their first single, “Back Street Woman”, was released in Novemeber 1981 which sold out less than 2 months from it’s initial release.

The band went on to appear alongside Raven, and were noticed by their manager, Dave Wood. The band then replaced Reiss with the former vocalist of Stormtrooper, Paul Merrel. They went on to release 2 albums until the band split in 1984. They reformed in 1999 and went on to release 5 more albums with the most recent in 2014.

This N.W.O.B.H.M. group has an incredible repertoire, with their fast rhythms, heavy riffs and powerful vocals, if you haven’t heard this band before they will surely be a favourite soon.