The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest


Lee Wrathe - Awakening

Holy Shire’s debut studio album, The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest, released 26th of October 2018, is the band’s first record with Heavy Metal Records. This album features guest vocals from Masha Mysmane, Simona Aileen Pala, Francesca Chi and Lisy Stefanoni; with additional orchestral arrangements from Federico Maffei. This album blends symphonic metal with Fantasy themes for 51 minutes of epic headbangers.


  1. The Source (intro)
  2. Tarots
  3. Danse Macabre
  4. The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest
  5. Princess Aries
  6. Ludwig
  7. At The Mountains of Madness
  8. The Gathering
  9. Inferno
  10. Ophelia
  11. The Lake