Hellfighter Damnation's Wings



Hellfighter’s origins can be traced back to the UK Metal band Xentrix, who were formally on Heavy Metal Records in the mid 1990s, who were at the forefront of the European thrash metal scene in the 1990s. They released five albums and toured Europe extensively with bands such as Slayer, Testament, Sabbat and Tankard, receiving widespread critical acclaim. They are now acknowledged as one of the bright lights in the British Thrash Metal scene. However with Thrash Metal fading into the distance and the emergence of Grunge and Groove Metal, the band reacted to this with a change in sound, however their final album didn’t reach the heights of their previous work and the band disbanded not long after. 

After a period spent working on different projects ex-Xentrix members Kristian Havard (guitar), Den Gasser (drums) and Simon Gordon (vocals) reformed in 2007, recruiting Pete Smith (ex ‘Kill II This’) and bassist Mel Gasser to complete the line up that would become the band Hellfighter. In 2008/9 the band played a number of UK shows, including the Bloodstock and Metalfest festivals and recording a number of demoes. After showing a lot of promise and with their obvious talent, in 2009 the band signed to Heavy Metal Records. Hellfighter’s debut album, ‘Damnation’s Wings,’ was then released in December 2010.

The band have done a number of UK shows as well as festival appearances since the release of ‘Damnation’s Wings’ and has won critical acclaim from some the biggest Metal publications in Britain. In October 2016 it was confirmed that Pete and Simon were currently working on new ‘KILL II THIS’ material and a short UK tour was about to be undertaken.