Geisha Phantasmagoria

Amongst the slew of hair metal bands in the 1980’s, you’d be hard pressed to find any from outside of the UK or USA. In to fill the void were Geisha, Denmark’s answer to Mötley Crϋe. Their one and only album, Phantasmagoria, is full to bursting with all the elements that make a great hair metal band. Guitar solos; check. Sexual lyrics; check. Shotgun drums; double check! Don’t write this off as just another hair metal band though, the European metal style is abundant throughout, the production and musicianship is second to none and the rhythm is unquestionably set to get you going. A must for any hair metal fan.

For fans of: Mötley Crϋe, Bon Jovi, Poison

Track Listing:

  1. You Got What It Takes
  2. Shock Rock School
  3. Gangland Sector 21
  4. Alive & Scratching
  5. Claws Of Sin
  6. The Underworld
  7. S&M Youth

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