Force (AKA Cryer)



‘Force’, or known alternatively as “Cryer”, were a Rock band that formed in Birmingham in the early 1980’s. The band’s first major breakthrough came in 1981 when they won a contest organised by a local radio station, who then financed the release of their first single. This release meant the band began getting extensive play on the ‘Friday Rock Show’ on BBC Radio 1 and soon gained a loyal fan base. The band then went to ‘Old Smithy Studios’ in Worcester to record what would be their only full length album ‘Set Me Free’ the following year. The band however split up not long after the album was recorded, only for the album to then be released in 1983 by Heavy Metal Records after the band decided to reform, with the band’s name being changed to ‘Force’.

However the band would split up again not long after, and that would be the end of the band until in 2010, the band, under the name ‘Cryer’ again, played two reunion gigs in 2010. The band also played with another former Heavy Metal Records band ‘Quartz’ at ‘The Asylum’ in Birmingham for a charity concert in 2011.