Drunken State


'Drunken State' are Thrash Metal band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland who first formed in 1986. In 1988 the band released one EP, entitled 'Bags Not Carry the Coffin' and after catching the attention of many British labels, the band signed to Heavy Metal Records shortly after. The band then went on to release their first and what would be their only full length album, 'Kilt By Death' in 1990. Sadly however here lies another example of a band that emerged just a few years too late, with Thrash Metal fading away in the late 1980's what with the emergence of other sub-genres of  Heavy Metal and Rock. During their time with Heavy Metal Records the line up consisted of Graeme Thompson on Drums, Michael Brash on Bass, Douglas K. Smith and David Leishman on Guitar, and Robert Traish on Vocals.