Charon Charon


Following in the footsteps of Accept and Helloween, German metallers Charon unleashed their debut on an unsuspecting public in 1984, and boy, what a debut. Taking heavily from the Hamburg scene they were a large part of, Charon hit hard, heavy and fast. That’s not to say there was no rhythm to this band, far from it. Tracks like Stiletto Night (Wherever You Go), demonstrated an undoubted blues feel to their craft, something that other bands from the same area often lacked. This put them firmly in the same camp as AC/DC, and there are many worse places you can be.

For fans of: AC/DC, Helloween, Accept

Track Listing:

  1. Sweet Luisa
  2. Roll Over You
  3. Flying High
  4. Iron Man
  5. Midnight
  6. Do It Right
  7. Fine Girl
  8. All Day All Night
  9. The Universal Show
  10. Stiletto Night (Wherever You Go)

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