Hailing from Bochum in Germany, the Heavy Metal band formed in 1978, and went on to release two full length albums, as well as two singles. The band's final line up featured Fitty Wienhold on Bass guitar, Jürgen Graf on Guitar, Joe Schmeink on vocals and Martin Werner on Drums. Bullet released their debut album entitled 'Execution' in 1981, and released their first ever single the following the track 'Cold Hearted Woman' in 1982, which featured on their debut album. The band would then sign to Heavy Metal Records soon after and released their second full-length album entitled 'No Mercy' in 1983. The band then released the single 'I Sold My Soul to Rock N' Roll' in 1984, which proved to be their last release with the group disbanding in 1986. However the member's music careers were far from over, and shortly after Werner and Graf formed the band 'Sign', releasing the albums 'Sign' and 'Sign II' in 1987 and 1988 respectively. Fellow former member Wienhold then went on to join the band 'U.D.O'.  'U.D.O' were another Metal band formed by at the time former Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider following his departure. 

'U.D.O' however split up when Dirkschneider rejoined Accept in the early 90s, then reactivated with a new line-up when he left them again a few years later, with former 'Bullet' guitarist Jürgen Graf joining the band under their new line up. Since 1987 and 2015 the band have released 15 full length studio albums, as well as a number of singles, EP's and live albums. 'U.D.O' have also released 6 concert DVD's, contributing towards their enormous discography. In 2015 'U.D.O' announced that the band will perform during 2016 under the name 'Dirkschneider', playing only Accept songs.

Despite not achieving the commercial success they set out to, many of 'Bullet's' members have gone onto achieve success and create a lasting legacy in Heavy Metal music.