Buffalo were the second band to have a release through Heavy Metal Records, preceded only by Handsome Beasts. Unfortunately though, their story is not quite as straightforward and clean cut as that of the Beasts: while Beasts put out an album soon after their first singles and carried on up and up from there, Buffalo would ultimately take until 2006 to get a full length album out.

Buffalo were formed in 1978, when lead guitarist Mathias Mader left the progressive rock band "Tanglefoot" and formed a band with singer Trevor Starkle, bassist Andy "Tommy" Thompson, guitarist Rick Brent and drummer Dave "Duggy" Dugdale. Brent and Starkle were then replaced with Paul Kitchen and John Ralphs respectively (Kitchen would eventually go on to play with Rory Gallagher.) This line up of the band were the line up that got signed by Heavy Metal Records, releasing two singles with the label in the early 1980s.

Unfortunately, from then on things get murky. A number of lineup changes, an album that never got released and years of relentlessly pushing resulted in not much at all until 2006, when the band finally managed to self release an album, albeit with a different lineup. At the time of writing, the band appear to still be active from time to time, but they haven't yet released a follow up.