We Might Not Be American (But We Still **ck) (1989)

We Might Not Be American (But We Still **ck)

Bitches Brue We May Not Be American But We StillThis sole release from Bitch’s Brue showed that the glam metal scene wasn’t just for the boys. Female fronted glam metal was quite a rarity at the height of the scene in the 80’s, with many of the bands at the top of the game being boys clubs, but Milly and Fiona proved here that girls rocked just as hard. This is a pure slice of glam metal heaven as told by the British, somewhat less ostentatious than it’s American cousin but still just as hard and heavy. Their catalogue may only sport one release, but it’s certainly one hell of a release.

For fans of: Mötley Crϋe, Ratt, Poison

Track Listing:

  1. Let The Boys
  2. Jack Back Into Rock
  3. We Might Not Be American (But We Still **ck)
  4. Money Makes Money
  5. Kick It, Kiss It
  6. Little Mr. Lonely Heart
  7. Raise The Risk
  8. Knocked For Six
  9. Bring Out The Worst
  10. Runnin’ Away From Hollywood

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