Bitch’s Brue

Bitch’s Brue


Bitch’s Brue from the West Midlands signed to revolver in 1989 and released their debut album ‘We May Not Be American (But We Still **ck)’ in the same year. With their sound reminiscent of Mötley Crüe, a hard edge, an extreme look and incredibly aggressive sound, this outrageous, female-fronted band were considered the UK’s answer to W.A.S.P.

The line-up consisted of Fiona Clarke, Lead Vocalist and Bassist; Kraig Smith, Lead Guitar; Rikki Wesley, Drums; and Milly, Rhythm Guitar. This line-up came about when Kraig, who had worked with numerous musicians, decided rather than trying to fit in with other bands he would try to find musicians that agreed with his ideas and shared his passion. He first met with Fiona, who although being told he was meeting with a guy, decided to work with one another after finding out they shared many of the same idea’s. They then had to search for a bassist and drummer. Fiona was approached one night by Rikki and, with his image and good equipment, he joined the band. The threesome then decided to go out to the pubs and clubs to see what guitarists were available. This is where they came across a thrash band who’s guitarist was attacking the guitar. His image and playing style fitted into what the band was searching for and Milly was soon a permanent fixture.

The band played a few venues and had a good response. They decided to put 3 tracks down at the studio and approached FM Revolver and a contract was signed with the full album to be recorded in May. Although ‘Bitch’s Brue’ disbanded in 1990 they toured the one album they released as much as they could and gave everything they had to create such a great album.

Bitch's Brue