Bernie Tormé

Bernie Tormé is an Irish guitar legend: following an unproductive period signed to Jet Records, he initially found fame as the guitarist for Gillan, the band led by former Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan. Three albums and numerous world tours later, and after a very short stint with Ozzy Osbourne following the tragic death of Randy Rhoads, Tormé decided the time had come to make music in his own right, rather than as someone else's sidekick.

This led him to forming the band Tormé, who released the album "Die Pretty, Die Young" through Heavy Metal Records in 1987. The album featured singer Phil Lewis (who would go on to join LA Guns) on vocals, Chris Heilman on bass and Ian Whitewood on drums. The cover art alone is evidence of a much more sleazy, glam influenced direction than he was known for in terms of his previous endeavours, evidence if it were needed of Tormés open mind to trying new styles of music, and listening to the record is evidence of an ability to do so, exhibiting the musicianship and professionalism of the man.

Bernie Tormé's other release with the label, "Are We There Yet?," was then released as a solo effort in 1991, and marked a return to his hard rock roots from the glam-influenced direction he'd taken with Tormé. This album featured a number of guest musicians: all the members of Tormé previously mentioned appeared, along with Everton Williams (bass); Colin "James" Bond (bass); Phil Spalding (bass); Frank Noon (drums); Ron Rebel (drums); Nigel Glockier (drums) and Colin Towns (keyboards). This album featured one or two live tracks, showing that Tormés ability to play was by no means restricted to the studio.

Bernie Tormé remains active now, headlining concerts fairly regularly, and has released new music as recently as 2015.