National Nightmare

  National Nightmare

Backsliders National Nightmare


While hair metal was all the rage, pure hard rock was often hard to come by. Backsliders were the remedy to the hairspray and eye liner of the decade. Backsliders were self styled Harley riding, hard rocking brutes who were pretty handy at what they did best. National Nightmare wasn’t their first album, but was certainly one of their best. The pounding four to the floor rhythms had substance and their music had a certain groove that evaded a lot of other bands around at the time. Not quite as heavy as Judas Priest, but not as girly as Crϋe, Backsliders certainly held their own.

For fans of: Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Mötorhead

Track Listing:

  1. National Nightmare
  2. Gotta Be Right
  3. Undertaker
  4. Hear Me Howlin’
  5. Did You No Wrong
  6. Do It Again
  7. I Blow My Head Away
  8. I Just Wanna Play
  9. Snakeskin Cowboys
  10. Fightin’ Ridin’ Having Fun

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