Atom Seed – Get In Line Reviews




Publication And Date Unknown

Written By Marilla Blellock

“Every now and then, you hear something which you just know a band enjoyed making; from conception through production to reproduction, it’s obvious that Atom Seed had a bloody good time putting this album together. “Get In Line” gets my vote for freshest album of the year so far- it’s rich in energy, rhythm and enthusiasm.

It’s also completely impossible to hum any of it (the ‘Seeds haven’t got a clue how to write a tune, but that’s not really the point)! “Rebel” contains the contender for dumb catchphrase of the year in “I want you to break my ears” (you what??), while the ballad “Shot Down” is simply gorgeous, surpassed only by the excellent, dream-inspired “Castles In The Sky”.

The overall sound tends to rely heavily on Chris Dale’s bass-lines, while Paul Cunningham’s vocals confirm the opinion that he is more of a performer than a singer. Interestingly, this apparent weakness becomes one of the band’s great strengths, as it helps retain the rawness of their live sound. Wide-eyed and innocent, brimming with good intentions. I’m sure if you didn’t like this album, it would scuttle into a corner and cry….I LOVE IT!




Hi-Fi News & Record Review June 1991

Written By Ian Kenyon

“Success for Faith No More and the Red Hot Chili Peppers means we are more likely to see an explosion of the funk-metal genre. Atom Seed and Nine Inch Nails are two very talented outfits, capable of carving niches of their own within this relatively constricted style.

Atom Seed is a brash street-wise quartet that assimilates rock, funk, metal and psychedelic influences into an intriguing sound of it’s own, which is punctuated by heavy duty, rapacious bass lines and broody, at times hypnotic lead guitar. The ten cuts display imagination, variety and a keen sense of dynamics throughout, with the “Shake That Thing,” “Shot Down,” and “Castles In The Sky,” highlighting their undoubted talents to best effect. If anything from The Cult to Faith No More is your bag, then Atom Seed are for you.”




Kerrang! Magazine November 10 1990

Written By Morat

“Unless you’ve managed to catch the Atom Seed playing live, which is quite possible considering that they never seem to stop touring, you’re probably beginning to wonder what all the fuss is about.

All the world and his wife appear to have caught the Atom bug (even Chris “bog off, your band’s crap” Watts has given them a glowing review), and so far all they have to show is the 12-inch single “I Don’t Want To Talk About It,” which quite frankly was disappointing and verging on the naff.

So I am very pleased to announce that the much anticipated debut album release from this energetic London four-piece will put and end to the speculation; “Get In Line,” is utterly superb.

No longer does the ever-smiling Chris Dale’s bass work go dunk, dunk in a worrying fashion when he plucks it, and no longer does guitarist Simon James sound like he’s not plugged in. Nowadays Dale is an avalanche of awesome funk Metal, while James at times comes close to the legendary Hendrix. Add to that the accomplished pounding of drummer Amir and the fact that Paul Cunningham’s voice is not only produced properly, but has definitely improved, and you have something of a monster on your hands.

10 tracks in all, including two rather special blues-inspired numbers- “Shot Down” and “Better Day”- make up one of the finest debut LPs I’ve heard in years.

“Get In Line,” to see the Atom Seed as soon as is humanly possible, cos if you don’t you’ll regret it for an awful long time. The Seed isn’t just growing anymore, it’s positively booming.”