Atom Seed

Atom Seed



Described by many as the UK’s answer to Faith No More and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, London’s “Thrash Funkcore Metal” quartet Atom Seed quickly gained the attention of rock fans and press alike with their own take on Rock and Funk fusion. During the years 1989-90, the band quickly gained a following on the London club/pub circuit with their electric live show. Magazines including Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and Raw all said that this band had a big future and frontman Paul Cunningham quickly gaining the reputation of a mad, energetic frontman, with Metal Hammer describing him as the bastard offspring of Blaze Bayley, Mike Patton and a male stripper!

The band continued to tour, mainly as headliners, playing some of London’s most iconic venues, and also supported the likes of Wolfsbane and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Their debut EP, ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’ (1990), was distributed through Heavy Metal Records. The band then released their first and only full length album ‘Get In Line’ in 1990, a relentless piece of work perfectly capturing the energy and heaviness that comes from mixing the best of Funk and Metal, which never loosens it’s hold on you for a frantic 38 minutes.

The band then signed exclusively to London Records in 1992. Despite releasing EP’s ‘Rebel’ and Get In Line’, a split single with Brazilian Metal titans Sepultura in 1991 and the EP ‘Dead Happy’ in 1992, the band were dropped by the label and never released any new material there after. After so much promise, looking back it is a tragedy that with this much personality and talent, complete with an unforgettable live show, Atom Seed didn’t reach the same levels as other bands they were often compared to.

However despite the split of the band, many members found success, most notably bassist Chris Dale, who would later perform, record and write music with Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson for his solo project between the years 1994-1997, including co-writing the album Skunkworks with Dickinson.