Amebix MonolithWith an expansive sound and a mix of punk and metal styles, Amebix have been considered as the first band to create the crust punk sound, a feat that has been noted by contemporaries such as Sepultura and Neurosis. With Monolith, Amebix created soundscapes to accompany their brutal, bludgeoning music. It looked to be their last album, as the band split not long after it’s release. Their reformation in 2008, and subsequent album allayed the fears that Amebix would not get to see a new generation of fans.


For fans of: Sepultura, Neurosis, Deviated Instinct

Track Listing:

  1. Monolith (Instrumental)
  2. Nobody’s Driving
  3. The Power Remains
  4. Time Bomb
  5. Last Will And Testament
  6. C.B.M.
  7. Chain Reaction
  8. Fallen From Grace
  9. Coming Home

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