Nukklear Rokket



 Nukklear Rokket

Wrathchild Nukklear Rokket

VHF50 1988

Despite proving to be one of the band’s final releases during the 1980’s, Nukklear Rokket was pure glam metal mayhem, singalong choruses and guitar solos played at high pitch and high tempo. This is a band enjoying their craft, happy to do as they please with all the confidence and swagger of a band with hits to their name. Wrathchild may have taken quite a substantial break not long after, but this single showed that there was more to come.

For fans of: Skid Row, Twisted Sister, Mötley Crϋe

Track Listing:

  1. Nukklear Rokket
  2. Trash Queen
  3. Pretty Vacant



Revolver + wrathchild newsNUKKLEAR ROKKET Review

Kerrang Magazine! Date Unknown

Writer Unknown

“Huge, grooving, lip-smacking, spiky fringed Ramones mania. This kicks in like an irate mule with a bad attitude and keeps on kicking until your walls of resistance snap like extremely cheap bits of wood. Honestly, I held no hope whatsoever that these scuzzy mothers could climb back up the heap, and I am still not fully convinced, but, ooh, I do like this in a very big way. Someone pass me that rocket fuel and some ice and one of those little umbrella things.”

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