Stakk Attakk

  Stakk Attack

Wrathchild Stakk AttakkThe debut record from Wrathchild not only owed itself to the infant glam metal scene, but also a fair amount of it’s existence is indebted to the punk scene of the late 70’s the music here is scuzzy, frantic and above all, loud. This album has a swagger that debut records seem to lack, a belief that this album is the biggest in the world. It’s a confidence that draws you in, this is a truly great debut.

For fans of: Skid Row, Twisted Sister, Mötley Crϋe

Track Listing:

  1. Stakk Attakk
  2. Too Wild To Tame
  3. Trash Queen
  4. Shokker
  5. Kick Down The Walls
  6. Alrite With The Boyz
  7. Sweet Surrender
  8. Law Abuzer
  9. Tonite
  10. Wreckless

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