Fashion By Passion (1986)

Fashion By Passion

White Sister Fashion By Passion

WKFM76 1986

This, the second album from White Sister, picks up from where their self titled debut left off. This album is big and brash, with a confidence that comes through within seconds of opening track A Place In The Heart. This album is arena rock, pure and simple. It’s size belying that of a band only on their second album. This turned out to be their final record, but it is a perfect way to bow out…certainly with a bang.

For fans of: Riot, Y&T, U.F.O.

Track Listing:

  1. A Place In The Heart
  2. Fashion By Passion
  3. Dancin’ On Midnight
  4. Save Me Tonight
  5. Ticket To Ride
  6. April
  7. Until It Hurts
  8. Troubleshooter
  9. Lonely TeardropsFM Revolver Logo