White Sister

White Sister


The beginning of the 1980’s not only saw the continued rise of Heavy Metal and the NWOBHM movement in Britain, but also the L.A. Sunset Strip Music scene and the Glam Metal movement. Coming out of the same scene as bands like Mötley Crüe and Poison, Glam Metal became a worldwide phenomenon and bands were quickly gaining the attention of the majors, White Sister were no different. Formed in the 1980’s, the Glam Metal band released two studio albums and many of their song’s would appear on a number of blockbuster films.

White Sister formed in Burbank, California in 1980 by lead vocalist/guitarist Dennis Churchill-Dries, fellow guitarist Rick Chadock, keyboardist Gary Brandon and drummer Gus Moratinos. The played their first gig at ‘The Ice House’ in California and slowing worked their way up, generating a loyal following. The band would become an integral part of the Glam Rock scene in Hollywood, playing at venues including ‘The Troubadour’, ‘West Hollywood’, ‘Whiskey A Go Go’ and the ‘Roxy Theatre’. The band would then sign to EMI America Records in 1984, after the band met Gregg Giuffria from the band ‘Angel’. Gregg then ended up working with the band, assisting on songwriting. These demos caught the attention of EMI and became part of what would be there debut album.

However, shortly after the release of the album, EMI dropped the band after the band approached them to secure funding for touring and the label refused. Adding to the fact that they wanted White Sister to change their name, the increasing friction between band members and label meant the band soon terminated their contract.

Keyboardist Gary Brandon then left the band before White Sister signed to FM Revolver Records in 1985, re-releasing their self-titled debut, and released their second album ‘Fashion By Passion’ the following year in 1986. The band would then finally travel overseas to the UK, touring the rest of Europe as well with the band ‘FM’ and established a cult following in the process. However the decline of Glam Rock in the late 80’s led to the band calling it quits, with the remaining founding members going on to form the band ‘Tattoo Rodeo’, who signed to Atlantic Records.

Sadly, after suffering from health problems, Richard Wright died in June 2006, with Rick Chadock also passing away in 2012 after a long battle with cancer.

In between these tragic events, in 2008, Brandon rejoined Churchill-Dries and Chadock, as the 3 original members were invited to the UK to play the Firefest Rock festival. A full-length concert DVD of their 2008 Nottingham performance was filmed and released in 2009, with the DVDs selling out completely. The band was invited back by the festival organisers in 2009 for an encore performance, which was to be their final White Sister show.