Various Artists

Over the years, FM-Revolver Records released a number of compilation albums. Whether these were soundtracks for films (such as Best Of The Best), celebrations of the best that the label had on its roster (such as Coast To Coast), Charity Records (Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime) or simply compilations to celebrate a genre or style of music, there was something for everyone.

These compilations certainly featured some huge names from the music industry: in terms of names you'll see elsewhere on this website, there's Magnum, Marino, John Sloman, Dark Star, and many, many more. Meanwhile, artists whose only involvement with the label was as part of these compilations include everyone from Pete Townshend to Golden Earring, Dire Straits to Kate Bush, and many more in between.

Take a look at the albums on offer here for some familiar names, some old favourite songs, and you never know, you might just find some new favourites amongst the rest of the music on offer!