Messin’ Around

  Messin’ Around

Val Grant Messin' Around
VHF178 (1991)

A release for the club scene, Messin’ Around was Val Grant’s second and final single, which incorporated jazz and dance to create a hybrid that perfectly captured the high points of both. The track is high tempo, and has a dance beat that more than holds it’s own in the mix. This could have been considered a throw away dance single, but it was picked up by the clubs and could easily find it’s way to dancefloors today.

For fans of: M-People, Ace Of Base, The Vengaboys

Track Listing:

  1. Messin’ Around (12” Mix)
  2. Messin’ Around (Radio Mix)
  3. Messin’ Around (Mello Mix)
  4. Messin’ Around (Mello Radio Mix)

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