Tradia Welcome To Paradise

Tradia released their debut album, Trade Winds, in 1988, featuring a lineup of Johnny Lindsey on Vocals, Mark Durgett on Guitar, Scott Madsen on Keyboards, Anthony D'Amelio on Drums and Chris Randall on Bass. Madsen and Durgett also took production duties for the album, making the sound very much the band's own.

For reasons now unknown, there was a seven year gap between this debut and the follow up, 1995's Welcome To Paradise. Unusually, the musicians on this album are credited song by song, suggesting that the lineup of the band was particularly volatile at this time. Scott Madsen reprised keyboard duties for the whole of the album, Mark Durgett played guitar on every song but one, vocalist Johnny Lindsey returned but only for three songs, with newcomer Dave Baldwin handling vocal duties for the rest of the album. The role of bassist was split between newcomers Chris Sacchiero and Tom Zimmer, while original drummer Anthony D'Amelio covered most of the drumming on the album, Tim Delaney filling in on three songs. A host of other musicians are also present on this album, with Eric Rackin (backing vocals) being particularly worth a mention as he wrote a good deal of the album's lyrics.

Tradia's final outing came in 2000 with the album From The Basement. A similarly varied line up of the band saw the return of Madsen, Durgett, D'Amelio, Baldwin, Rackin, Sacchiero, Van Auken and McEvoy (played guitars on Welcome To Paradise), along with a host of session musicians, who played on a song each where extra instruments were necessary (saxophone, trumpet, cello, backing vocals etc.) What happened to Tradia after this is something of a mystery, as they unfortunately haven't released any music since.