Warren Speed: Customized Review

CUSTOMIZED ReviewTorino Customized

Publication And Date Unknown

Written By Warren Speed

“Formed in April of ’87, Torino are a Liverpool based melodic rock band who feature Paul Diamond- one time member of Rox, who supported Quiet Riot on their UK tour in ’83.

After a few spins it’s not hard to guess that Torino what to be Bon Jovi, but that said they don’t ever totally rip ’em off and do retain a certain amount of British balls.

Guitarist Barry McKeown lets fly with some decent licks and on my fave cut “Dance Crazy,” plays a neat melody. Vocalist Stuart Fox tries hard to imitate Jon Bon Jovi but sometimes he just sounds too strained, he should relax and let his own vocal style shine through. The rhythm section is faultless, but isn’t exceedingly impressive.

Torino are, all in all, a pretty good band and although they sound more American than British, the important fact is that they ARE English and that “Customized,” is on of the best albums by this new breed of UK rock groups. If you like UK rock tinged with the British feel, check this out.”