Richard Thompson: Customized Review


Publication And Date Unknown

Written By Richard Thompson

“Thanks to the Post Office, this LP wobbles a few more times than a Sam Fox training run”

Anyway, this Liverpool-based band give us, not an immediately stunning LP, but a very credible effort, comprising not only of themselves (Stuart Fox; lead/backing vocals, Brian Dixon; drums, Paul Diamond; bass/backing vocals, Barry McKeown; guitar/backing vocals), but a coupla guest musicians, namely Shy vocalist Tony Mills and backing vocals and Steve Morris (who not only supplies some keyboards and additional guitar, but also produces this LP).

The best comparison to make, and I agree with the various other journalists and friends who’ve heard ’em, is that they sound quite like Bon Jovi. Not all the album, but if you take a track like “Somewhere,” you’ll see what I mean. Gawd, vocalist Stuart Fox even sounds like ol’ Jon Bon Jovi- uncannily similar.

My personal favourite is “Take My Heart Away,” with some good rocky beats and guitar.

Like I say, not brilliant, but they’ve done enough to gain some recognition and when they venture up to Glasgow- I’ll be first in the queue. That’s if I can get out the pub down the road faster than Cat “paperclip mosh” Russell!”